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Parking Permits

Parking spaces on campus are limited, especially between the hours of 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM.  The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

  • Students, faculty and staff must have a valid permit to park on our campus.
  • Payment must be made at the Cashier's window  prior to getting a permit. 
  • Permits are issued by Highline’s Campus Safety office.
  • All cars parked on Highline Community College campus MUST have either a current Highline permit, temporary or guest permit displayed inside according to instructions.
  • Permits may be transferred between vehicles if all vehicles are registered with the Campus Safety Office.

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Apply for a Parking Permit

Option for students only :  buy a permit online & pick up at Campus Safety
  1. Pay for your permit at the Cashier’s office first!
  2. The first time you purchase a parking permit you must complete the left side of the parking registration form and bring your receipt of payment to the Campus Safety office.  (Be sure to provide your car license plate number and signature.)
  3. If you already have a parking permit, please take the permit and your receipt to the Campus Safety office to receive an updated sticker for the current school quarter.  (You do not have to complete another registration form unless it is for a different, or additional, car.)
  4. Parking permits are renewable during the time period printed on them and are valid if they have a current sticker attached as described in paragraph 3 above.   Do not destroy or discard your parking permit if you believe there is any possibility that you will want to purchase a parking sticker to update your parking permit during its renewable life**.  If you have lost, discarded, or destroyed your parking permit, you must pay a replacement fee and complete the parking registration form to receive a new permit.
  5. Carpool permits can only be issued if applicants meet the following qualifications:
    • Must be a currently enrolled student or faculty/staff of Highline Community College.
    •  2 or more people will be commuting together, in the same vehicle.
    • Each carpool member must register his/her own car, and only one of the vehicles may make use of the permit on campus.
    • Each carpool member must provide a copy of his/her class schedule and be within one hour (before and after) of each other's schedule to qualify.
    • May not have an additional student/staff/other permit.
    • Must comply with all applicable State of Washington, City of Des Moines and Highline vehicle and traffic regulations.
    • Must renew carpool permit each quarter.
    • Must pay all outstanding traffic citations prior to approval.
    • Application fee: $10.00 per quarter.
    • Failure to comply with the above will result in denial of campus parking privileges

** Remember a parking permit for the current school year needs to have an updated sticker for each quarter you attend.

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Parking permit fees effective Fall 2014

Option for students only:  buy a permit online & pick up at Campus Safety
Per quarter
Students registered for 0-5 credits $29.00
Students registered for 6 or more credits $46.00
Motorcycles, motor bikes, scooters $29.00
First carpool permit  (limit 1) $10.00
Senior citizens (registering under tuition waiver)  $29.00
Special rates (summer quarter) $29.00
Additional /replacement /second car permits (limit 2) $29.00
Full-time faculty/staff $46.00
Part-time faculty/staff $29.00
Faculty/staff reserved parking $100.00

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Parking Refunds

Refunds may be authorized in accordance with the college's policy for withdrawing from the college and on condition the permit, or remnants thereof, is returned to the Campus Safety office.

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Types of Parking Permits 

(See campus map showing designated parking areas.)
  • Disabled Permits
    Disabled permits are for use in parking locations marked "Disabled" or "Handicapped".  State disabled parking permits must be displayed along with a Highline parking permit.  State disabled permits will be verified through the Department of License, Disabled Parking Division.  Please display this permit in accordance with the department's instructions. 
  • Carpool Permits
    Carpool permits are issued when two or more people with two or more vehicles are registered. This permit is transferable only among the registered members of the carpool. Highline’s Commute Trip Reduction Program (CTR) emphasizes that carpooling is a key element in this program.
  • Second Car Permits
    Second car permits may be purchased for any additional vehicles owned. or in the possession of. a person who already has a valid parking permit. (Limit 2). Second car permit does not apply to carpool permit.
  • Temporary Permits
    Temporary permits are available and are valid for a maximum of one week.
  • Visitor/Guest Permits
    You can request a one day guest pass by emailing us using this form or visiting  the safety office located in building 6, lower level.
  • Overnight or Extended Period Permits
    These permits are used for disabled vehicles, field trips, or other valid reasons that may require the vehicle to be left on campus after the school closes. Disabled or inoperative vehicle may not be left for more than 72 hours. Such vehicles may be impounded and stored at the expense of the owner or operator.

Parking Information
Parking Permit Form
Print and fill out the form then turn it in at the Building 6 cashier.

The Highline Public Safety office is located on the lower level of Building 6 (see campus map) or call (206) 592-3218.

Map of designated parking areas (PDF)

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