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Parking Regulations

Washington State law gives the Board of Trustees of Highline Community College District 9 the authority to make rules and regulations for pedestrian and vehicular traffic on property owned, operated, or maintained by the college district. Chapter 1321-116 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) has the details of these rules and regulations.

  • Any person parking a vehicle on Highline Community College property can park their vehicle in designated parking areas only. These areas are marked by curbing, white lines, or signs.
  • Parking on or over a line is a violation. Parking in an unmarked or otherwise unidentified area is not allowed.
  • No person shall stop, stand, or park any vehicle in a way that obstructs traffic along or upon any street or walkway.
  • No vehicle shall be parked any place where official signs prohibit parking; within (10) feet of a fire hydrant or anywhere in a fire lane; or within (20) feet of a "No Parking" sign.

Available Parking 

(See campus map showing designated parking areas.)

Students, staff, and faculty, may park on campus to the extent that spaces are available as follows:

  • Parking permits are required during the classes in session (Monday thru Friday from 7:00am to 10:00pm.) Visitor will need to obtain a visitor parking via email to: or in person at Safety Office located in building 6 lower level.
  • Student parking requires a permit and is limited to areas designated for students with a valid parking permit.
  • Staff/Faculty daytime parking is limited to areas designated for staff/faculty parking, with "B", "P/T" parking permits.
  • Parking after 4:00 PM is on a first come, first-served basis in the east, south and north parking areas with your valid parking permit, with the exception of disabled, carpool, and visitor parking areas.

  • The 99 Parking lot is designated for Staff/Faculty parking permits only.

  • Disabled parking is available throughout the campus for vehicles displaying valid parking permit with disabled persons parking identification (must have both state disable placard display and a valid Highline parking permit.)

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Operator's Responsibility

  • The person to whom a permit is issued is responsible for all violations of the Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations involving the vehicle for which it was affixed.
  • Persons driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall not permit it to stand unattended without first:
    1. stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing the key, and
    2. effectively setting the brake and transmission to prevent movement of the vehicle.

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How to Park

(See campus map showing designated parking areas.)

Please remember these few parking regulations to ensure safety and maximize use of our limited parking spaces:

  • Vehicles that are illegally or improperly parked (taking up two spaces) will be cited.
  • Park vehicle facing forward or by back-in park.
  • Do not park next to a building or in the road way.
  • Park only in the proper spaces; no student vehicles are allowed in staff/faculty, administration, or visitor areas. 
  • Park between designated white lines.
  • Don't park in prohibited places: side walks, landscaped areas, or loading zones.
  • Don't park in reserved or handicapped parking areas without a proper permit.
  • Don't wait in driving lanes for parking stalls to become available.
  • Please be  courteous and cautious when parking at Highline.

Traffic Regulations

Campus traffic control signs and speed limits are posted for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Violators will be cited.


Parking Information
Parking Permit Form
Print and fill out the form then turn it in at the Building 6 cashier.

The Highline Public Safety office is located on the lower level of Building 6 (see campus map) or call (206) 592-3218.

Map of designated parking areas (PDF)

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